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Strong Ale

'Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy.'
Benjamin Franklin

I am quietly quaffing James Squire's Malt Shovel Brewery newest beer, Australian Strong Ale. It's a limited release, which is sad. I could go for this as an alternivie to the MSB Porter Ale.

From the site: "James Squire Australian Strong Ale is a no-expense-spared beer, brewed to the glowing russet colour of autumn leaves. Crystal wheat and several malted barleys produce deep toasted flavours with a rich toffee edge. Lifted floral hop notes of rare Australian hops complement the profoundly malty, biscuity flavours and the apricot/fig esters created by wild ale fermentation. "

And it's a very yummy beer indeed.

Stouts and Porters are exceedingly yummy indeed
Brown ales are very yummy. Haven't tried Boddington's, but it's a Brown Ale so it must be yummy.
Coopers Pale and Sparkling Ales are yummy.
Indian Pale ales and wheat beers are only a bit yummy
Tooheys Extra Dry, VB, and Crown are yummy. Cascade Premium and Hahn's are very yummy.
Toohey's New is yummy if you're really hot and thirsty. XXXX and Fosters aren't.
Budweiser, Millers, Coors and and Corona and not yummy at all. Especially Corona. If you have to stick fruit in it to make it drinkable, it's not a yummy beer.
I'm not too keen on Pilsners, but Urquell is fairly yummy.
Steinlager, Becks and Stlla Artois are yummy, while Heineken and Southwark are only a bit yummy.
Sam Adams is an American Beer That Doesn't Suck. A few years ago I set out to find a large brewery produced ABTDS, working on the theory that there had to be at least one. I declare Sam Adams to be a yummy beer. So there.

The Opinionated Beer Git.

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