Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Broken Kettle.

I have a killer power point. Yesterday my nice, 4 slice, slots-big-enough-for-crumptes toaster stopped working. That's a bit of a bugger, but no big worry. I have the old toaster so I still had my toast and vegemite for breaky. When I plugged in my kettle it refused to work too, and won't work in any other power point now. That's more of a bugger. I can still make coffee by nuking the water in the microwave but I don't like doing that. It makes the coffee and tea taste flat for some reason.

So I nicked down to the shipping container which houses all the old office furnature we can't use, and dug out the old, but really brand new, kettle and brought it home.I rinced it, filled it, and turned it on. It's one of those chep jobs that's totally sealed apart from the pouring nozzle so it has to be filled through that. If it blows it's unrepairable. But still... Aaah! Hot water from a kettle! The button popped out and I began to pour.

The water had an odd colour, like weak tea. And there were small black things coming out. It looked like someone had made tea by putting the tealeaves into the kettle. Then I looked closer.

Weevels. The kettle is full of WEEVELS! I'd just made weevel tea! I said something like "Oh I say! That is jolly disgusting," and dumped the hot water into the sink. Hundreds of the tiny beetles swirled down the drain. I filled and dumped the kettle again, and hundreds more came out. I did this a few times until no more weevels came out.

Then I made my coffee. I poured the water through a tea strainer Just In Case but I didn't see any more weevels.

My coffee tastes all right and I'm not affected by the bug tea in my kettle, apart from using caution when I pour the water.

I wish the fluorescent cats would stop looking at me.

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