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Low-G Flight Training

Last night I gave Kaye her first feed in 3 nights. The cold temperatures here has knocked her right out. She hardly moves for days at a time and it's hard to rouse her enough to start eating.

Last night I moved the tent into the main room of the house so she could warm up. It took almost 2 hours to get her internal heating going, but eventually she was warm to the touch and ready to scarf down 14 worms. That should get her though a few more days. I gently grabbed her foot and carefully stretched her leg back to check on the progress of the healing cut. It's gone! She has a long like of scar-tissue and some lumpy scbas, but the swellingand open wound have gone.

I wondered if her wings were okay because I hadn't heard her flapping in the tent (I blame torpor for that) and she hadn't attempted flying in the room when I'd tried to let her go.

I put her on the flace of a piece of flat cardboard, held it high, and pulled it down. The sudden loss of wight made her spread her wings. I tried it again, only faster. She lifted 2cm off the cardboard and flapped in the sudden zero-G. I slowed the descent and she bumped onto the card. Okay, her wings work.

About 1 am I could hear her flapping around the tent, bouncing from one side to the other. Now I know her wings work when she's not being lazy.

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