Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Zoo Photos

Follow the maned wolf for photos of other canines

The maned wolf comes from the grasslands of Patagonia. It's more of an omnivore than a hunter, using thier long legs to stride through the tall grass as they hunt down small mammals, insects and wild fruit. The zoo have a pair of maned wolves, and have had several successful litters. The first lot of pups had to be hand-reared, but the later litters were all mum-reared.

I can't begin to describe the reek these wolves give off. "Like a fox, only 10x worse," sort of works, and "a pungent, musky shit smell." is sort of right. If you combine them, then go worse than that... you get the idea.

Cape Hunting Dogs, or Painted Dogs. These are now on the endangered list. Their main predators are motor vehicle accidents and hunting, in that order.

Dingoes. Dingoes are a breed of domestic canine that were never truely domesticated. They're only endangered as far as the breed is concerned: dingoes are mating with feral dogs. There are very few pure-bred dingoes left.

Above: wild dog. Below: miildly annoyed dog woken from a nap. I include a photo of Polly to demonstrate the dingo ancestry in her. It shows up in her desire to hunt down and eat crickets, and her colour pattern, and when she's older she'll have the broad dingo head.


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