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Exam results

Passed User Interface Design
Failed Java (again)
Have to resit the Online Multimedia exam in August. (Marginal fail)

I can't believe I got an AE on Online Multimedia! I thought I did okay in that, apart from not being able to work out the MB size of a video given the time and sample-rate. A 30 minute video at 250bps... My answer, "Too large for on-line multimedia. Put it on a CD", was the wrong answer.

It appears that this degree in Information Technology doesn't have a lot of stuff that applies to Real World IT. Their basic assumption in Online Multimedia is that every home has a fibre optic pipe into it, and all my effors to create small-MB web pages* and graphics leads to a lowering of my marks. In one assignment I had to write a paragraph about the hardware required. My system was going to require a keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer. I had to write a paragraph for each device.

Write a 50+ word paragraph about a standard mouse. Make it interesting. I lost marks on that.

At a recent job interview (which I can't talk about due to the nature of the company) the boss asked me "Are they teaching you anything relevent to the IT industry as it stands now?"

I had to answer "No."

In the past every employer didn't care that I've worked with computers since 1985. They were concerned that I didn't have that bloody peice of paper called a "degree." So I'm going for the degree and it is irrelevent to the industry that wants me to get it.

* has a total HDD footprint of 1.7MB

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