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Animal Ambulance... again

I've just been given the task of collecting a wedge-tailed eagle and transporting it to the Zoo. Eagles are graceful, majestic birds and I love to see them, but an eagle in a cardboard box on the back seat of my car scares the shit out of me. More about this rescue later, if I survive.

Rexie now weighs 1.1kg, and is now too big for her cat-cage. I've arranged to have her transferred to a carer's farm on the edge of town where Rexie will be kept in a cage 2 feet high x 3 feet x 10 feet. She'll stay there until spring and she'll get to know grass, dirt, weather and termites, as all young echidnas must do.

I'll be running her up to the Goonoo Goonoo* for release. This is the Goonoo State Forest

The gash on Kaye's leg has scabbed up and is no longer the open, raw wound it used to be. I noticed last night that all the fur around it was dry, which tells me she is no longer constantly licking the injury. And she's put on weight. I moved her from the dark pillowcase and into a tent where she'll have more room to stretch and groom. It's still too cold to release her but I don't want to do that until her leg is better. Soon I'll lock us in a room so she can get some flying practice in.

*pronounced "gunny gaNOO"

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