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Now that's interesting

While viewing the SomethingAwful "Comedy Goldmine" (a title which is false advertising on two counts, but it is sometimes amusing) I was getting thier "I Like To Steal Bandwidth" image instead of the expected image. How odd! I though there might be some anti-Opera thing going, so I fired up IE and, sure enough, there were the real, mildy amusing images.

Ponder Ponder Ponder Ponder, I went.

I turned off my ad and popup blocking software (Proximitron) and hit reload in Opera. The "I Like To Steal Bandwidth" image was replaced by the expected images!

Ok. I set up IE to run through the proxy ad blocking server, viewed the next page, and BINGO! The "I Like To Steal Bandwidth" image was back!

So SomethingAwful don't like you to block out their ads. They think that equates to stealing bandwidth. I'll be stealing even less of their bandwidth now since I won't be going back.

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