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Meanwhile, at the arse-end of the world...

Former chief UN weapons inspector Richard Butler says Prime Minister John Howard, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Defence Minister Robert Hill have all mislead the Australian Parliament, and should resign.

Four months ago, top spook Andrew Wilkie resigned from the Office of National Assessments over the dodgy intel that was being presented as fact. He has been in the UK helping with their enquiries. The ONA is the group Howard is blaming for not telling him about the bad intelligence. Mr Wilkie has made it his mission to make sure the Sppoks don't take the blame for this. ONA, ASIO, and the Defence Signals Directorate are all on record stating the intel they were getting from the US was very highly suspect.

None of this reach the ears of the Prime Minister, of course. He's blaming them for not telling him the real facts.

Howard is lying to us!


I just hope that being caught out in such an obvious lie again will stick in the mind of the bogans who vote. He got in on a fabricated refugee crisis last time. I hope he's thrown out next time. I hate thse bastards.

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