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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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I watched a naughty copy of The Two Towers last night* and noticed something during the warg attack. Something about the teeth arrangement in the beasts seemed familliar. Then I remembered: I'd seen teeth like that on the thylacoleo skull at the Wellington Caves. I wonder if Peter Jackson dug up an ancient Australian horror, and uglied it up for the movie.

* There was a notice at the start that it was for Academy purposes only and must not be sold, and at important points in the movie a "For your consideration" title appeared.

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Hells the lucky folks who get the job of designing weird creatures for a living probably collect weird and wonderful as inspiration.

*chuckles* ahh the wonder of screeners..

What the "movie police" don't realise is that "screeners" (DVDs given out to judges to vote on awards for) have almost single handedly boosted the so called pirate movie industry on the net 1000%. Up until then it was very crappy sound and handheld camcorders snuck into cinemas. Now it's DVD quality source material.. ;-)

Of course it helps that EVERY movie that's nominated for an Oscar in any catgeory gets sent as a DVD screener to all Academy members in that particualr category..

*stands up*

"I'd like to thank the academy...." ;-)

Yeah, I have one of those too. I might fork out for the extended version as my TV DVD player gets locked up somewhere in the middle, so you lose a few minutes of the film.

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