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And now, a quick quiz

You are: 60% Canadian!!

You've lived here for a few years, but you're probably an immagrant.You've still got a little bit to learn about hockey, and what T.V. shows you should be watching, but you're almost there! Hey, at least your kids will be Canadian!

Take the
"How Canadian are YOU?" Quiz
by Daestwen

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It's wrong about living there a few years. I've never been to Canada but I suspect they're the same as us Aussies. An artistic friend of mine moved from Paris ro Montreal to take up a teaching position. "Ive heard the spoken French is different there," I said.

"It is!" said Sophie. "It's like listening to Australians speak English."

The Other Sydney is in Canada and lonita was born there. Whenever I hear a US programme talk about "Sydney, Australia" I mentally think "That's so no one can confuse it with Sydney, Nova Scotia."