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Rampaging Puggles.

Tongight Rexie climbed out of the feeding box without me noticing and went rampaging through the house. The first I knew of this was when she wandered into the office and pushed against my right leg, forcing her spines through my sock and drawing blood from a dozen tiny pin-holes. Needless to say it was brown-trousers time for me. I said something like "WHOAAARGHWHATTHE FUUUUUOUUUCH!" and a few other noises indicating fear and alarm before discovering the source of the fear. And alarm.

Anyway. Rexie now weighs 1.02kg after her feed.

It's funny the way things I consider normal make others shake their heads.

"Oh, that's where the owl scratched me..."
"Yeah, the joey pooped on that seat..."
"Last week I was bitten by a bat..."
"That stain is echidna piss, and *that's* a curry stain..."
"When I had my rabies shots..."
"So we steam-ironed the eagle's tail feathers..."

I can't think why.

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