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Animal Ambulance

The owl looked a lot brighter this morning so I took him out to the zoo and left him with the vets there. He's doing the owl-head-turning thing and his pupils are working as you would expect, and he even flapped while Ben The Vet held him. So the bird isn't concussed, or if he was then he's almost recovered. But he still has trouble standing. They're going to x-ray his back today.

While I was there I asked about the bats I dropped in to be tested for lyssavirus. Everything came back negative, so I'm a bit happy about that. No horrible diseases for me! I think it is fair to say woo hoo.

After the boobook I picked up the little kangaroo from his over-night carer and took him out to M., his new mum in Guerie, about 25km out of town. She'll be spending the next 8 months raising him.

M. tells me that we can't release Rexie in the middle of winter, but she has almost out-grown the cage I have her in. Sometime real soon I'll have to hand Rexie over to H. who has a larger echidna cage. I can hear Rexie now rattling the bars of her cage. She must be hungry.

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