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Kangaroo, boobook

A fully grown male eastern grey kangaroo is 2 metres tall and can weigh up to 100kg. The one I picked up this afternoon weighed 1kg and is covered by a very thin layer of down. The lady had hit his mum and kille her, so she checked in the pouch and found the little pink thing.

By the time I got to her house her 3y.o. son had claimed the joey. He was hugging the little animal and playing with it. I took it away and he cried.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! Rescue an animal and scar a kid in one move, and I didn't need a yish.

In other news, the boobook owl looks a lot better tonight. He's standing up and his wings are mostly folded in. I'll still take him to the zoovets tomorrow. Something was wrong with him.

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