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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Rolled up in her 5c coin pose.

Polly and Scruffy check out the spiney dog.

Rexie can smell the food.

And tries to escape. She could easily open the lid if it wasn't fastened.

Scruffy keeps the spiney dog under control.

Rampaging Puggles!

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Very cool. Thanks for posting the pics.

I think I'm in love. :-) Thanks for sharing these!


I really like the coin impressions:). You can see that anything interested would have lots of pointy bits to deal with. Does she ever try to "dig" into the rug?

And such lovely luxurious gloves to rest on! Has she whistled yet?

No whistling yet, but she has grabbed the carpet a few times. One time she got into the corner of the room and I couldn't get her out, so I thawed another meatcicle. The smell brought her out fast enough. 8)

How cute! I think my favorites are "Polly and Scruffy check out the spiney dog" and "Rampaging Puggles!".

Polly is fascinated and absolutely terrifide of Rexie. What a strange dog.

My nearly 6 year old says "Oh she's very nice and very cute." and he wants to come visit so he can meet her.

You'll have to come soon! She's about 3 weeks from release.

You probably don't know me, but I read your journal just because of posts like this. I love to see all the animals you take care of, especially becuase, being in the US, I don't get to see a lot of these animals often, if at all.

Thanks for posting the pics!

What spectacular little hands! They're so...pointy! God, she's adorable.

Go, rampaging puggle!

The cute little hands can almost dislocate fingers when said finger are blocking the way to the food.

omg too cute
does it like to follow people around?

no, she is still very solitary. I have to dig her out of her shredded paper nest any time I want to examine her. wild animals never really tame.

I am Puggle!
Hear me squeak!

They whistle when threatened. "whoOOOoooo!" It's a rather startling noise.

It's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

*Laughs uncontrolably*

You have the most amazingly improbable critters down there! It looks like a Brillo pad with a spoon stuck on it.

I love the dogs' expressions: "Krikey! What the f**k is that???" "I don't know, but I'm *not* touching it!"

Maybe Spiney could be a sub-class of Furry. 8)

Aww! So cute! And I love the dog's expressions. My silly dog would just keep trying to sniff her rear and wondering why it hurt...

Nice looking monotreme you have there.

Well, I've finally found someone who didn't think Rexie is cute.

I showed these pictures to some of my coworkers, and the response from one was, "Eeeew! That's disgusting. It looks like something I'd knock off the counter and hit with a rolled-up newspaper."


They deserve a puggle down their pants.

Awwww about sums it up. My hubby lurks on callahan's and I'm grateful that you shared the family album!


She's adorable - especially in the second picture! :)

Can't think why I never realized echidnas were so darned cute before.

The thing that always suprised me

Is the size of their braincase. While not neccessarily tremendous, they've got a good bit of room in there, like three times more than equivalent creatures like hedgehogs or tenrecs.

Or most of the medium sized to smaller marsupials.
Cute little 'chidna.

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