Den (dewhitton) wrote,

bats as an interest.

Why is it that most of the LJ users who list bats as an interest are almost exclusively angsty teens, depression worshippers, wannabe vampires and Goths?

Sorry... "Vampyres."

They seem to have this idea of bats as creatures-of-the-night, shadows-in-the-dark, sort of thing. That also applies to wombats and sugar gliders. Why do you never hear "I am the dreaded phascogale that stalks the night! FEAR ME!" or "BEHOLD! I am the yellow-footed antechinus that stalks the night!!" or something. No, it's always the leathery wing thing and horrible page colours.

You want real evil, walk into the territory of a willy wagtail. Watch him expand those eyebrows at you and swear like Tony Soprano. "Twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter !" he'll shout. Or, for bastard evil, look at magpies. Yes, look at them. Watch them very carefully or you'll end up in hospital with a hole in your skull. For total, utter bastard evil, Cassowarys, which will put you in hospital where you can tell the doctor "Buggered if I know what happened! I was walking through the rain foret minding my own business and the next moment I'm having seven shades of crap kicked out of me" while he sews your intestines back into place.

Bats have wings, so they're evil. Evil I tell you! EEEEEEEEVIL! Those of us who actually know bats invariably think they're cute, and go to pieces when we see pups. Angsty teens, depression worshippers, wannabe vampires and Goths make it hard to search for people who actually know and like bats or are lucky enough to have colonies living in their roofs.

Sorry... Vampyres.

I am The Cassowary that stalks the night of New Orleans, looking for victims to sate my mindless rage.

I don't know why I said that.

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