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130g slurped down last night, and a weigh gain to 652g.

(130/652)*100 = 19.9

that's 20% of her body weight.


Hands up if you can eat that much. (Not you, Athe.)

We had the Rampaging Puggles playing here last night, with accompanying growls from Scruffy. Rexie dug in behind his bag of Doggy Bickies and tore the plastic with her spines. For a while we had free-flowing Good-Os, which meant Scruffy had to eat as many as he could before that spiney dog could eat any. Then Polly BADDOGged and Came Inside ("BADDOG! Why are you Inside?" "But there's food!*whine*") to help Scruffy contain the Good-Os, which peeved him and lead to the growling and the whining and the biting sort of thing.

Eventually Polly was outside, Rexie was retrieved from the Good-Os and caged, and Scruffy was sick on the bathroom tiles. He obviously can't eat 20% of his own body weight, but that doesn't mean he can't try if it means that spiney dog won't get any.

Then we watched The Great Escape, again. Another boring night here. I wish I lived somewhere interesting.

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