Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Wild Life 2

I was watching telly with my brother, who was visiting from Port Macquarrie, just channel surfing while we waited for the footy to start, and a documentary came on about koalas. Cute, cuddly koalas.

"I was attacked by one of them last week," he said.

I looked at him.

"...It was in my front yard. I surprised it as I walked in through the gate. I must have been between it and the tree, so it started growling and running at me. I nearly shit myself 'cause you know how sharp their claws are."

I nodded.

"...So I turned and ran with this growling bastard running after me. I panicked and climbed a tree..."

I looked at him.

"...Shut up. I knew it was a mistake the second the koala ran up the trunk, so I jumped out."

I looked at him.

"...Shut up. Give me another beer."

I gave him another beer.

I can't be the people I know. It must be me.

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