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Today, on Echidna Planet!

The Zoovet's nurse rang me today about the echidna I rescued last week.. She said they'd x-rayed him and found he did have a broken jaw, as I suspected, but after a little cleaning he seemed to have no problem eating. They kept him in care to see how he went and decided to let him go. This surprised me a lot since I thought they'd put him down. Anyway, she wanted to know what I wanted to do with him.

After a little discussion we decided the Zoo grounds would be the best place. So now they have a wild echidna wandering the grounds. Which is nice.

Last night I mixed up some artificial termites. Rexie was impressed, but Mum wasn't even though I cleaned up her food processor.

Feeding time here is amazingly simple now. I weigh Rexie, put her in the plasting rescue box which can be hosed clean later, and put the dish of food in. Rexie's tongue starts: outinoutinoutinoutinoutinoutin. She licks the floor, works her way up the side of the dish, over the lip, and then woo-hoo! Front feet in and slurps away. I put a towel over the top and leave her to it.

Today Scruffy's curiosity disturbed her and she hunkered down into the food and got in a mess. I held her under the laundy tap for a few minutes to rinse the food from her spines. Echidnas are amazingly waterproof. When she'd finished the food she escaped from the box while I wasn't watching and wandered around the house. Scruffy followed to make sure she didn't go near his bowl of doggy bickies. She did, and his growl is what alerted me to the rampaging puggle.

She has put on, and kept on, 150 grams of weight in the last 4 days, and has reached a grand total of 650g. Yay!

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