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Email to Rexie

Rexie got an email!

From: "Taylor" <>
To: "Den Whitton" <>
Subject: Echidna Food
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 09:44:03 +1000

Dear Puggle

Please ask your carer (very nicely) if he would make up this mix for you:

420 grams finely minced meat
70 grams bran
65 grams Glucodin powder
2 raw eggs
70 ml olive oil
600 ml water
5 grams calcium carbonate
5 ml Equine (this is vitamin E)
1.5 ml Avidrops (vitamin supplement for birds)

These last three ingredients can be replaced with 1 tablespoon of Wombaroo Insectivore Mix.

Tell him it's easier to make up half the mix at a time because that's all he'll get into the blender. Also if the wet ingredients go in first, then gradually add the meat and bran, he should get it blended up OK. Extra water might need to be added depending on how the blender behaves.

Hope you like it!


So that's what makes up termite gruel. Now I know.

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