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Federal Budget

Last night the treasurer Peter Costello brought down the new budget. As usual those who can least afford to pay get it in the neck, again. Education for the rich, of course, but everyone else has to incur a debt. Oh, the debt will be capped to just 3%. So when I get a job I'll add that 3% to the 30% income tax and 1.5% medicare tax I'll be paying.

And our generous Treasurer has us tax cuts that amount to $4 per week for everyone earning less than $60k. What really gives me the tom-tits is that the Conservative bastards who are doing this got their university education when it was FREE for everyone.

I spoke to the bloke I might be getting a job with. He asked me what sort of salary I'd be looking for. "Oh, I'll not go crazy!" I said. "I think I'd be worth $35k to $40k a year."

There was a long silence. "We pay our top MSCE tech $35k" he said.

I think I priced myself out of a job. I mentioned I'd take part time work if they can't place me full time.

No wonder 90% of Australia's computer industry is concentrated in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. A MSCE in Sydney could ask $50k easily get it. There are many advantage in living away from a bloody big city, but they are not worth a $15k pay cut. Looks like I'll have to move if I want to pay off this debt.

Fearless prediction for next year's budget: those who can least afford to pay get it in the neck, again.

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