Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Echidna Expert

Apparently I'm the echidna expert. I was sent out to pick up another.

It was a fully-grown male, 2kg in weight and had buried itself in the families garden. The Dad helped dig it out while the Mum and 3 kids watched on. The echidna became agitated and began to whistle. "WhoooEEEEooooo!"

"Don't hurt it!" said the mum.

"I'll try not to," I said.

"You have to be careful!" she said. "That's my family totem."

We were careful. Eventually I got a gloved hand under the animal and lifted it. He curled into a big ball as I rolled him on his back, and he sqirted me with a big stream of piss.

I took him to the edge of town and was about to let him go, but something about his jaw looked wrong. I called the zoovets and took him out there.

His jaw was broken. We guessed by the line of broken spines and the face injury that he'd been run over. I left the echidna at the zoo, but I think they'll euthanase him.

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