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For my next Online Multimedia assignment I need to create a Flash 5 animation. I inserted the cd the Uni sent and read through the docs.

Clicking on "Install 30 day trial" on the CD did nothing. The CD spun up, then spun down, and there was no indication that it had done anything. Then, by trawling through the online CSU forums, I discovered that it was supposed to take me to the macromedia site. I wasn't online as the time so I logged on and hit the install and... nothing.

I went to the Macromedia site directly and looked at their pretty flash pictures, and tried to download Flash 5 (as displayed on the CD) but I can't find it. So I try to download the latest: Flash 6.

Except, they only have Flash Player 6 and I want the authroware stuff for the assignment. So I go to the download site...
I'm using Opera! It won't even bloody DISPLAY anything, despite the fact that Flash and Shockwave work perfectly well! So I fire up IE6 and...

It can't display anything because I use Proxomitron that kills pop-up ads, banners and cookies! I reset my configs and I STILL can't see anything because I don't have Flash Player 6 installed!

I've installed that. Now I'm wondering what to download. FlashMX? StudioMX?

46MB! Is it at all worth it when my download speeds are less than 2.5kps on my 56k modem?

It would be so much easier if the software was on the bloody CD to start with. Am I frustrated? Yes. Am I Peeved? You betcha.

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