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Cause and Effect

What is it about our society that seems to neglect teaching kids about cause and effect?

When I was young I knew that if I did something then something else would happen, like I'd get a whack from Dad. Even Polly knows there are certain things she can't do, and if she does them she knows she'll be a BADDOG even if I haven't discovered what it is.

The son of a friend (remember the 14 y.o. who used my PC to surf for porn?) has been telling me about the Skaties at his school, South High. The Skaties are a bunch of skate-board riding thugs who have been terrorising South for some time. They pick on my young friend and fight with him because he's a) not a Skatie and b) Aboriginal.

Last week the Skaties were roving around town, performing mindless vandalism and generally Bothering people, when they came across some black kids from Delroy High. Delroy is in West Dubbo, and is a depressed area where almost everyone is on welfare and the jeans are thread-bare, and so are the genes. The Skaties beat up the kids they found because they were a)not Skaties b)Westies and c)Aboriginal.

This week about 50 Delroy Westies turned up on the Skaties turf at South High and proceded to beat seven shades of shit out of them, because they were a) Skaties and b) see a). The Police were called, of course, and the Westies were warned off and told they would be arrested if they came within 500 metres of South High.

My young friend laughed himself sick. He said the Skaties were calling out to him and everyone at South to join in and help them.

"Did you?" I asked.


"Did they seriously expect you to help?"


"Do they understand why no one helped them?"

"I don't think so."

The Skaties are seriously peeved at their fellow South High students for not helping them.

What is it about cause and effect that kids don't understand?

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