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Keep Alive at Any Cost

People who insist on keeping an injured wild animal alive at any cost really annoy me.

I've just been handed an injured corella. They hit it in their car and brought to to me. I questioned them a bit to get details for the rescue form (Where did it come from, how was it injured etc) and they casually mentioned that they'd hit it on Thursday. Today is Saturday.

That wild bird has been injured, in shock, and handled for 2 days! They didn't want to take it to a vet in case the bird was unsaveable and had to be euthanased. They told me if it was going to be euthanased then they would take it home with them. I examined the corella and discovered a compound fracture in the left wing, with the bone protruding through the skin, and the sturnum moved when I touched it. I didn't tell them that.

Then I had to LIE to these people and tell them that I'd make sure the bird would go to the local parrot expert to be cared for. I lied because it was the only way to get it away from them. They had a galah in the van they'd had for seven years. That was another road injury they'd kept. Buggered if I know how long that one was in pain before the wing healed over, but judging by the way the bird was holding it, it can't fly.

2 days. How fucking cruel is that? Imagin yourself in that position.

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