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Puggle News

Tonight Rexie drank 54grams of milk, more than twice the amount she has previously drunk in a feed. I found that if I let her push her nose between the fingers of my ungloved hand, I can push her nose into a dish of milk instead of dribbling the stuff onto my palm. It still takes 3 hands to feed her (it's a 2 person job since I seem to be lacking a third hand) but a lot less milk is wasted.

The disadvantage is the ungloved hand bit: I end up with a handful of tiny punctures. Fortunately, Echidna bellies, heads and faces are covered in soft fur. I get spiked by her neck spines when she moves, and scratched by her claws as she tries to dig through my hand. She's very strong.

She weighs 550 grams now.

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