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I have a puggle. It's fully spined but she weighs 300g and fits into one hand.

Margeurite told me it's a girl, and I was given The Look when I questioned her. So it's a girl. Her name is Rexie.

We fed her 50ml of milk. I held Rexie in my right and pushed the palm of my left hand under her nose, and Helen dribbled echidna milk onto it. Rexie shoved her long nose in and started licking. Her nose is 2" long, but her tongue is about 4" long, a long, pink thing like a flat worm. After a few minutes of licking, she began slurping. 50ml vanished in 10 minutes.

That's about half of what she needs, but echidna metabolisms are so slow 50ml will do her for 2 days.

I showed the dogs. Scruffy was interested and excited but wary of the spines. Polly hid in her kennel.

Male echidnas have 2 penises. I didn't know that.

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