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Den's Journal

Stories by a short, fat bastard

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Echidna things.
This is a young one just getting it's spines, but it still drinks milk so it's a puggle.

Actually, they're quite easy to care for. They only need feeding once every 48 hours, they don't need keeping warm and they'll happily live in a cat cage full of shredded newspaper. When it gets to 600 grams I'll add powdered termite mound to the milk. There's no worry about clogging the teats: the mum just oozes milk from patches on her belly and the puggle slurps it up, so feeding in captivity is as easy as drippling the milk onto your hand and letting the puggle slurp away.

When the puggle reaches 800grams it'll be a juvenile. I'll be taking it out to the bush for Termite Training. Apparently you just stick a termity bit of wood near the little echidna and they go birko on it, tearing it apart and licking up the termites.

The next few months will be interesting.

Had all my blood taken today. Test results in a week. Still no word from CDL about the bat.

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All your blood? Like Keith Richards?

Yeah! They took a whole armful!

I take it yon puggle is an orphant? Poor puggle!
Your very own little termite terminator! Only 200 grams to go!:D

A puggle is a baby monotreme.

So now you know!

Orphant as in Orphan, not Oliphaunt!:D
So you've got a rarity there, a small spiny
ant-eater (eatanter!):). Once it's grown claws it'll be able to open its own dinner.......

Aw, powdered termite mound! Yummy! :)

There will be pics?

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