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Left And Observed non-rescue

I was called out to this art gallery to check out a wallaby in his back yard. It was a little red-necked wallaby who had come into town for some green feed, and had settled down under the bushes. I took my binoculars and observed it, noticing that she had licked her arms a lot. She's badly stressed, and I think it's the noise of "oonz! oonz! oonz! oonz! oonz!" from the stereo next door. If she's too stressed she'll leave for better pastures.

The artist is happy to have her there and didn't want her removed.

I saw some of his didjes, and he told me he'd toured North America with Charlie MacMahon of Gondwanaland. lonita, he'll mail his didjes to Canada if you're interested. 8) I don't think there's an undecorated inch on any of them.

I saw some of the paintings in his current project. He's doing realistic animals in art galleries, looking at traditional paintings of themselves. Right now he's trying to figure out a water effect for the Platypus. The animal will be swimming around the gallery.

He'll do a flying fox if I commission it. Curse my lack of money!

At least I can see his murals around town

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