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Rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric.

There is so much of it I think my little bit won't make a difference.

So far all I've been able to articulate, and badly at that, is how crap I feel about what happened. 48 hours later I'm becoming angry at what people are saying.

Should we nuke all the arabs? Did all the arabs do this?

An arab in Sydney was interviewed on morning telly. His mother can't walk down the street without being abused. Neither can he, and he was born in Australia and has never left the country and yet, some how, he did this appalling act. He brought up a point to ponder. "Hitler was a christian. Should we kill all chritians for World War 2?"

Last night a place of worship was firebombed. It was an Orthodox Church. Maybe I'm ignorant, but isn't the Orthodox Church a christian religeon that pre-dates the catholics?

revenge, genocide, hate, prejudice, blame, jingoism, war, rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric.

If you stop living, the bad guy wins

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

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