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Before I could settle down to some serious quaffing, Dad told me we were taking mum out for her birthday at the Bowling Club. It was a $17 "all you can eat until you explode" buffet, better than the Golden Trough, and quite a bargan considering there were ten of us there. The seafood was pretty damn good (and I'm still alive). The smoked salmon was a little less smoked and a little more briney than I liked, but they had GREEN LIPPED MUSSELS by the dozen. I was "KIWI KIWI KIWI OI OI OI!" all night.

One on my best memories of New Zealand was eating a dozen glreen lipped musses with cheese, washed down with Monteiths Black in a resteraunt at 45 degrees South.

Tonight, let the Quaffing continue.

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