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That went as well as could be expected.

There were only two of us at the exam centre, 3 if you count the envigilator. I think the other one was doing an accounting exam. i suppose I should have shown a little interest in when she waaas doing.

So here I am, quietly quaffing Schöfferhofer Kristalweizen, a yummy wheat beer from Bavaria. 1/2 a litre went down real fast and I have a nice burr going.

Next on the agenda: a 6-pack of Porter, brewed to the receipe of Australia's first brewery of 1790. It's yummy too.

all beers are yummy beers. Some just aren't as yummy as others.

. . .

I think I might have trouble writing up tonight's ships log. I might have to postpone it until tomorrow morning.

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