Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Updates: bat, study and job

Florence is doing well. She scarfed down 15 worms last night. I made her pick them up off ground instead of handing them to her one at a time. She was rather successful but not entirely. In the end I had to hand the last few to her, earning a couple of nipped fingertips when I was too slow. I threw a dozen dead worms into the tent but she didn't pick them up.

She still sleeps on the floor instead of hanging, preferring to hide under a fold of cloth instead of inside the handkerchief I've pinned to the wall. I hope this changes soon.

Becoming tame through handling won't be an issue. She is rather annoyed at her current situation and lets me know at every opportunity.

Still studying for the Object Modelling exam. Whole/part relationships, gen/specs and this/bites.

A local computer shop is advertising for a PC tech. Tomorrow I'll ask if they'll have me part time. It would help pay for uni and such. Pity the owner is such an arsehole. That shop has a 100% staff turn-over every 12 months. The only two who stay are the owner and his wife. I might be able to take it part time.

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