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No content, just trip photos.

Rainbow Lorrikeets
Rainbow Lorrikeets
These are a few of the early morning bunch that would descend on our caravans and look for food. They should eat seeds but will make do with bread, toast and vegemite, corn flakes, rice bubbles and Weetbix.

Mountain Rosella
Mountain Rosella
These are marginally larger than the Eastern Rosella. They, and the Rainbow Lorrikeets, are East Coast birds and won't be found west of the Mountains. As you head north of here these rosellas head for higher altidudes. Around Sydney you can only find them in The Blue Mountains. Another of the Early Morning Bunch.

At low tide the lake is a maze of sand banks and channels.

The crowded beaches of Merimbula
Merimbula Beach

The mouth of Twofold Bay, Eden, looking across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand.
Twofold Bay

Twofold Bay, Eden, looking to the old whaling station.
Twofold Bay
This is where the orca pod assisted the whalers in their hunting.

Some of the Eden fishing fleet
Fishing Fleet

Pelicans on the sea wall.

Sunset over Pambula Beach

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