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Flying Florence

When I picked her up last night she was very dozey, probably due to concussion. She couldn't roll onto her stomach when I flipped her onto her back - a sign of head injury. This morning she was a little brighter, and tonight she was very active. I tried feeding her a meal worm.

She growled and exposed her teeth at me. I shoved in a worm. She clamped down on it and after a few seconds spat it out. She looked rather surprised and licked her lips. I put the worm at the end of her nose, and after licking it a few times she clamped down and munched like crazy. That worm lasted 5 seconds. She ate 13 meal worms, all the while making happy peeping noises. Right now she's back in the cloth tent. I'll feed her more later.

Florence is a broadnosed bat, like Donk was and about the same age, except Donk is now 12 months older and presumably much wiser.

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