Den (dewhitton) wrote,


I could hear the squawks of a galah near the front door this afternoon. When I investigated I found the bird sitting on the front step, looking though the mesh door. It walked inside when I opened the door.

It sits on my hand, enjoys scritches and is very friendly. It's obviously an aviary escapee but I don't know where from since there are no large-parrot aviaries around here - it's all bugies for my neighbours. It's a juvenile: the feathers on its neck are fringed with grey.

The dogs investigated the bird immediately, but some judicious nips have given the bird a personal space of 1 metre on all sides. Poor Scruffy turned his back on the galah and it attacked him! It hung on to his tail while he ran in circles.

So now that we have established the pecking order (so to speak) the bird has settled into the back yard.

Now what do I do? I suspect it was raised in a small cage since it can't fly. It's "unreleasable" so technically I should euthanise it. And so I have. It has been euthanised into my back yard where it can hide in the trees.

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