Den (dewhitton) wrote,


Photos of the Terramungamine Stones on the Macquarrie River. There are dozens of these rock outcrops along the river in this area.

The major outcrop

5000 years of toolwork does this to a stone.

Close-up of another outcrop showing different tool marks. I've identified the different markings in the B&W photo.

These stones show the grooves left by the local Mund-gah clan as they sharpened their axes and spears, and ground the seeds for flour. "Ground Edge" technology is one of the oldest in the world and was a development of the "struck stone" tools. The Aborigines decided banging the rocks together was a little too crude.

The Terramungamine stones show use dating back 5000 years. This is a sigificant, but not sacred, site and is open to the public.

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