Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Photo Day 3

A special one for lonita

These are river-polished quartz stones placed in an axe groove at Terramungamine. The Mund-gah ("Ironbark") people used the groove to starpen their axes about 5000 years ago.

I placed the stones here. I picked them up in the river because I didn't want to disturb the mana of the area by taking stones from the actual site so. This groove is the closest one to the point where the stones came from.

The Mund-Gah are one of the local clans. They, the Dubbo-Gah, Won-Gahbon and Talbra-Gah make up the local branch of the Wirradjeri nation.

Dubbo City Council recently handed the Terramungamine Reserve back to the Mund-gah. No government agencies or lawyers were involved.

More tomorrow. And maybe a real journal entry.

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