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a Commissioned Piece!

Furry artist Ralph Hayes Jr asked me to do a rendered version of a house like the ones that appear in his strip Tales Of The Questor

And this is it:

I'll be working on an interior in between studying (read "instead of") for the Object Modelling Techniques exam in Feb. That is NOT a graphic design subject, unfortunately.

rhjunior also draws Nip and Tuck and Under The Lemon Tree . All three strips are on my daily required comic reading list.

They are good comics! This is what Furry comics should be about! These, and 21st Century Fox, and Faux Pas and Suburban Jungle and- and-

And I'm ranting.

I'm just surprised that a bloke like RHJr would come to me. Our political views are diametrically opposed, and he's a professional artist while I'm a 3D Hack.

But I'm happy he asked me and it's been fun discussing the house with him and refining it to match his specs. I can't wait to start on the interior.

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