Den (dewhitton) wrote,

You know you're at a WIRES BBQ when

...Someone says "I wouldn't mind visiting the Australia Zoo, except for the FUCKHEAD running it."

...The babies are small, cute, and have tails.

...Someone says "Don't use that milk in the coffee! It's for the joey."

...or "Come on kids! Back in your pouch."

...or "It was only a king-brown snake, no big deal. I picked it up and put it in the bag and the people were disappointed that there was no hissing and thrashing and Crikey!"

...or "I hear you've been doing a lot of euthanasia, Dr Kevorkian." "Yeah.... um... Don't ask what's in the mince patties."

...The discussion turns to "Ether or Chloroform? Which is better?"

...You take sausages, and return with a galah

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