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I've dried. I have so much to write and no will to do it.

Mavrik has gone on holidays now that his cycle of stories has finished. He's still around, waiting for another project to start so he can tell me his part. Silly dragon.

Mitch, Peip and Brentford have just arrived on the planet where Bren's back will be fixed. I can see how this will go but, again, I have no motivation to write. (in case you're wondering, this is how he was injured.)

I have a whole pile of episodes about the Ships in my head, starting with the construction of the Controller and how he freed the fleet, the finding of Earth and eating tim tams, saving a frontier station from ram-raders, dealing with pirates, meeting the crew of the Ielfet and giving the AI a physical body... It's all there. Can't write it.


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