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GOOD DOGS stay Outside

Polly is, as I've metioned before, an Outside dog. But for some reason she has decided the mat just inside the back door is Outside, so it's legal. When she comes inside we tell her to "Get outside!" so she runs and sits on the mat, twitching her tail slightly to show that she is a GOOD DOG. It's possible that's where she felt safest when the rain fell: Inside, but Legal.

My bedroom is the converted Garage. The dog knows this is Outside so it's fair game. When Dad opens the door to wake me ('6am? you're kidding!") I have to move quickly to cover things or I'll get a flying dog in the Naughty Bits. Since I don't have 4 hands I end up with a dog nose in the eye.Then she stands on my chest and barks.

Oh don't we have a jolly old time!

Speaking of Jolly times, I was wondering what could have poisoned a magpie and cause it to vomit and become paralysed, so I posted a query on a Pet Care forum to see if any experts there could help. Instead of answers I was berated for not taking the bird to an avian vet (the nearest is in Sydney, and it was Sunday anyway), and for killing it, and for using chloroform to kill it. "Just because you're a rescuer doesn't make you an expert." was a comment. "You could have saved the bird's life!" was another.

Yes, thank you very much for you help. I really needed to be made to feel more CRAP than I already do. They didn't help with the poison query at all. I wonder if I should resign as an "Other Animals" expert from that forum.

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