Den (dewhitton) wrote,


This week has been a bloody nightmare.

I've rescued 4 blackbird chicks, 3 starling chicks and 5 sparrow chicks. Since they're all feral they ALL had to be euthanised. It got to a point where a wman rang to have another sparrow rescued, and I told her what I'd have to do. She was very disappointed. Then I said "Would you like to try to raise it?" So I told her how to raise a sparrow. It's illegal to release ferals back into the wild but I didn't care. Anything to avoid killing something else.

Today I rescued a blue-tongued lizard that had been attacked by a dog. The lizard's back was broken and it's vent was prolapsed. I had to put it down, too. Not a pretty sightCollapse )

I also picked up two rosellas that were so badly diseased they had to go. I don't know the proper names, but one had "beak and feather" disease and the other had "sticky pooh." Both birds were emaciated beyond belief.

The dove with a compound fracture full of maggots didn't require much thought beyond "How fast can I put this one down?"

The only successes this week were a pair of noisy minah chicks, a grass parrot chick, and a nankeen kestrel chick: the cutest ball of brown fuzz with sharp pointy bits I've ever seen. It bit my finger with hardly enough pressure to leave a mark. Then it grabbed my finger with its talons. It didn't draw blood but I experienced first hand the ratchet-effect raptor feet have. I had to wait until it wanted to let go.

So many young birds! The parents can't feed them in this drought.

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