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Bat rescue

The first bat of the new spring has arrived. She is a western broadnosed bat, weighs 6 grams, and has fur thr colour of dark chocolate.

Last night she must have decided she had the perfect roost, but when the sun rose she discovered that the perfect roost was, in fact, the plate-glass window in front of The Daily Liberal. One of their reporters rang me and said he'd found a baby bat. It wasn't a baby, of course, it was fully grown.

All the handling and being-shoved-in-a-box had woken her, so by the time I arrived she was really active and excitable.

I felt under her armpits for nipple, but they're tiny so she doesn't have a pup stashed away. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with her so I'll try to feed her tonight and let her go at dusk. If there is a pup it'll be ok.

She is Bat F for this year but I don't have a name yet.

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