Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Much spillage of blood

I might only look 22 years old but I am 41, and not even the picture of deWhitton Grey can call me what my cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and rabies infections are like. So I saw the doctor.

He agreed that it was probably a good idea to have them checked since I've never had them looked at. I don't even know my blood group and it might be a good idea if I found them out.

While he wrote out the pathology order I said "Oh, and I need to know my rabies immunology."

He looked at me.

I explained about how I rescue bats, and told him all about lyssavirus and it's lethality, and how it's related to rabies.

He looked at me.

Eventually he said quietly "Rabies isn't very common in this country." He said I had to fast for at least 10 hours before the tests and that they were open at 8am. This was good. I could have dinner then not eat all night and be at the pathology lab before breaky.

And I did. The nurse who took my blood was brilliant. She hit the vein in my arm first go! None of that stab-and-hunt-the-vein they used to do. No more needles in the back of the hand. "You may feel a little prick... and don't say it."

So they extracted 30 litres or so, and I'll know next week how much of an unhealthy bastard I am.

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