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Magpie Hunter - AS SEEN ON TV!

Rebecca from Prime News brought Russel The Cameraman up to my house to interview me about the seasonal magpie danger.

During the next 8 week magpies become aggressively protective of their nesting areas. I told them it only lasts for 8 week, and if you disturb the nest the birds will simply build another and be aggressively protective for another 8 week. So you prolong the problem by interferring. Killing or relocating the parents means we have a nest full of chicks to raise by hand.

"What advice can you give to people threatened by magpies?"

Wear a hat. If it's an old hat you can paint big eyes on the back so the bird thinks it's being watched. Teachers of young kids can hold hat-making sessions using ice-cream containers. If you're going to the shops take an umbrella with you - the birds won't attack under an open umbrella. When I have to rescue young birds I use an old bike helmet.

(caption) Den Whitton - WIRES Volunteer

I look fat.

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