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From The Archives

The World's Only Goth Lawyer posted this in 1993, on the Fidonet echo "Life, The Universe And Everything."

nk> argh! pardon me for having an opinion, but watching test cricket is
nk> like watching a 660-meg hard disk low-level format.

Only if you're interested in the score. The statistics are qool too ,
things like "This is the best bowling by a left-handed red-haired English
fast bowler on the Trent Bridge pitch against a team other than Pakistan
since 1951 ... oops no it's not , that's six runs. That makes it the
highest batting stand by two left-handed non-metropolitan Australian
opening batsmen on any English ground except Lords' in a rain-affected
match since the first world war."

Ignore the fact that the team are comprised of boofhead sportsmen -
examine the astonishing grace as they battle heroism and hubris. If you
can distract Marion *.* from the testosterone display , maybe she would
commentate on the sorcery for you.

Cricket demonstrates that there's class and then there's form. Other
sports just require skill and health.

The Lawyer has a way with words.

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