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New weights and measures

Football Pitch: A unit used to describe physical dimensions. (The machine currently tunneling under London is 1 fp long.)
VW: used to describe weight and/or physical size. (The shells fired by the USS Missouri weighed 2.5 VWs)
Busses: unit of weight.
Double-decker busses: unit of weight used in the UK= 1.5 Busses. (The machine currently tunnelling under London will shift 88,000 double decker buses of earth)
Double-decker busses: unit of dimension used in the UK. (The hole being drilled by the machine tunneling under London will be two double decker buses high)
Hiroshimas: unit of energy
Everests: unit of height or depth
Niagra Falls: unit of Volume
Sydney Harbours (or Sydharbs): unit of volume (Aus only)
HumanHairs: unit of measurement used for very small lengths
Great Depression: Unit of fall(stock market only)
full stop (or period in US): unit of size.
Since The Dinosaurs: very large unit of time measurement
Olympic Pools: measure of water volume
a Touch: a really really small unit.

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