January 14th, 2020


Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 206: Nosey Bob Red Ale

Nosey Bob Red Ale

Pours a clear, dark red-brown colour. Very fine carbonation visible, with a medium head.

First Sip: A lot of malt, with a lot of coffee and a little dark chocolate flavours. A small amount of hops which lingers for a long time after the swallow. Mild carbonation tingle on the tongue, and a medium mouth-feel.

This is my second favourite ale after Black Horn, from my favourite brewery. Again, I'm not saying this simply because the brewery is just down the road from me. This is a very yummy ale and I'd never say "no" to it, unless the choice was between this and Black Horn. Even then, I'd have to ponder for a while to make up my mind. It is cool and refreshing and very tasty. Even the beer-burp in nice. And the ale is still tasty when it warms a little.

When I bought this 4-pack I get talking with Brendan, the brewer at Devil's Elbow. He invited me back to the off-limits Secret Brewer's Area, where we tasted some of the malt straight from the bag. It was crunchy and tasted of coffee and slightly burnt toast. Devil's Elbow is too small to have a malt-house, but Whoever does their malt does a great job. Then Brendan uses his Secret Brewer's Alchemy and MAGIC, and suddenly it's yummy yummy beer.

Nosey Bob Red Ale
Devil's Elbow Brewery, Dubbo
5.2% alc/vol
375ml can

Nosey Bob Red Ale

Same again. sir? YES! Why do you even ask?

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Hark! A blog post!

Those of you who follow me on faceache would know that in November I went for a medical - blood work and ECG. The blood work says my thyroid, liver, kidneys and prostate are working fine. Cholesterol is above normal but not in the YOU'RE GUNNA DIE range. Nothing some change to diet and a little more exercise can't fix. Blood sugar is above normal but not in the OMG DIABETES! range. My insulin level is a little higher than normal and indicates some insulin resistance. This is possibly weight-related. so a change of diet (less carbs, more fibre and exercise) to reduce the weight a little would help. He suggested a 20 minute fast walk every day at the Mall. The Mall? It's flat, and air conditioned.

The ECG showed a mild, occasional, irregularity in my heart beat; just before the main upwards spike there was a tiny downward dip. My GP said it was probably nothing. He said it's nothing to be concerned about.


So I had an appointment booked with a cardiologist. After getting the ECG resting, he put me on the treadmill.

Him: You're struggling?
Me: Yeah
Him: Chest pains? Shortness of breath?
Me: No. I've been a lazy bastard for four years.
Him: ...
Him: I'll slow it down a little.

Then he looked at my heart via ultrasound (ugh. goo) and examined the ECG. In the end he said "Right! Nothing wrong here. See you in 12 months."

So I am actually quite healthy, apart from being an overweight lazy bastard.

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