January 6th, 2019


Pain in the neck

Back from the physio. The assessment took 30 minutes, and involved lifting, turning, and rotating my right arm to work out what the limits are.

Physio: "Tell me when this hurts."
Me: "argh!"
Ph: "Okay, what about-"
Me: "ARGH!"
Ph: "Now, what about this?"
Me: *whimper*

She is 90% sure the problem is bursitis. (5% arthritis, 5% capsulitis, if you're wondering about the other possibilities) She said an ultrasound would confirm it, but she didn't want to order one unless she thought a shot of cortisone was required.

And then she gave me a massage on the muscles around my right shoulder blade. It was very, very painful. I said "Ow" a lot.

Me: That really hurtOW! What are you doing?
Physio: I find the muscles that are tight and press down on that point until the fibres relax.
Me: Argh.
Physio: They are called Trigger Points. Does the pain radiate to other areas?
Me: No, just where you are presSING!
Physio: Wow. This is a lot of trigger points.
Me: IIIIS that a bad thIIIING?

It was not a good thing. I have been given a bunch of exercises to do, to strengthen my shoulder and back muscles. And lots of Ibuprofen.

*Lots* of Ibuprofen.

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