December 28th, 2016


Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 192: Draughty Kilt Scottish Ale

Q: What's worn under the kilt? *
Draughty Kilt Scottish Ale

Pours a dark amber colour with a large tan head. A small amount of carbonation is visible.

First Sip: Lots of dark roasted malts with a mild coffee flavour. Extremely mild hops which only appears as an after-taste. Medium mouth-feel with a mild carbonation tingle on the tongue.

Oooh this is a yummy beer. It's not too fizzy, and has a lot of good, solid malts. Even the beer burp is nice. I don't think I could ever grow tired of this brew. It would put hairs on yer sporran.
Badlands Draughty Kilt Scottish Ale
Badlands Brewery, Orange NSW
5.1% alc/vol
500ml bottle

Draughty Kilt Scottish Ale

Same again, sir? Juss kip tha bevvies coomin, ya bastid.

*A: Nothing! It's all in perfect working order.
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